We’re looking for the committed and experienced players and coaches who want to improve!!

We offer discounts to all players, teams and coaches who hail from the states of Kentucky, North Carolina and Connecticut. This comes from the compassion and generosity of Christian’s heart and soul for causing you all so much pain, agony and hate over his four year career at Duke!!

In-state Florida players also receive a discount.


Working with male/female players, ages 12 and up who are intermediate or better players.

Call or signup via website for individual, team, high school, AAU and college level sessions.

Available to travel to your campus or gym, as requested.

We focus on strength training, ball handling skills, guard play and shooting, post offense and defense, team concepts, one on one concepts, rebounding, fundamentals of offensive cutting, movement without the ball, and other high level basketball skills.



To provide a fun, learning environment for the devoted, committed basketball player who wants to improve their game.  We focus on skill development, striving to help players improve their ball handling, and passing, while increasing their understanding of offensive and defensive concepts.  We also work to improve their one on one skills and the finer points of three on three and five on five.

Players, nowadays, love to dribble, dribble, dribble the ball.  With that in mind, the teaching point we like to stress the most is “catch the ball, save your dribble-and look to pass first!”. This concept is often overlooked in today’s game with the younger players – so we stress how ball movement is a key ingredient to a players game and offensive efficiency!

We teach PASS the ball – as the ball moves faster than any player on the court, only via the PASS. It is a lost, forgotten art form of the game of basketball.

We always have a lot of fun working with these young players – the reward is unbelievable - seeing the players pick up and have success with what we teach them on the court. And, we are especially rewarded when we see each player and coach loving what we are teaching them.  It is a very gratifying experience for us.

Our academy works with boys and girls, ages 12 and up. Individual instruction is available, as is team and group practice sessions. Local, in-town sessions are available as scheduled, and we are also available to travel to your city or area to provide training sessions, camps or clinics.